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Eating for The Trimesters with Lainey Younkin

Eating for The Trimesters
[This is also an episode of Friday Free Talk on The Tranquility Tribe Podcast on iTunes. Listen here.]

Hey Tranquility Tribe!  Do you ever feel crazily overwhelmed by all of the opinions that everyone seems to have about diet, workouts, and weight loss?  The world of weight and exercise can be filled with frustration and disappointment, especially in a time when newsfeeds are constantly flooded with images that only portray the most perfect sides of people’s lives.  Today, Hehe talks to Lainey Younkin, a dietician, about body positivity and what you should truly be focusing on before, during, and after pregnancy.
Who is Lainey?
Lainey Younkin, whose nickname is “the dietician who doesn’t put people on diets”, is a nutritionist in Boston who takes an honest and realistic approach to helping her clients live a healthy lifestyle.  Rather than putting clients on diets that often only yield the desired results in the short-term and can make you feel guilty about eati…

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